"Jo you’re the most incredible person that I have ever met."

"We’re gonna get through this, the three of us, right?"

"Goodbye Danny."

Anonymous said: I can't follow you anymore. That last gif set. Danny never said that and If you are going to not accept that both Danny and Lacey have said they are over then I can't follwo you anmore and this really really hurts.

Why not? It was not my intention to dis anyone. It was just for fun. Plus, I didn’t know who to ship before, mainly because I like all the characters on the show so it was hard for me to decide. But now I’m all in for Dacey and Jico/Jyler -although I prefer Jico-. & I’m sorry if you got offended by the set. Again, just for fun. :)

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The moment I’ve been waiting for from the beginning of the season!

I just had to add the last part LOL. Because now I’m all in for DACEY & JICO!<333

Dacey 1x11

"If you ever need to talk to somebody, you should call me"

This is how it would’ve went down if I was directing this shit!